Slice of Ry-Pie

This is just a little insight into the slices of the pie that make up my existence.... yea its sounds semi homo but #norazb a female gave me the nick name so its all good C=....... I am also a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Spring 12 #1 Ace Solo

Height: 6'3
Weight: 238 lbs
Hobbies :Anime, Games, Rugby, Longboarding

All welcomed #pbs100 #nyconstitution #bluejuicemakesyouschmoneydance #bluyork #bond
#pbs100 #nyconstitution
Basketball,  kickball,  spades,  monopoly…. come through #pbs100 #nyconstitution
Let’s get it this Thursday all welcomed #pbs100 #nyconstitution #GOMAB

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Day 6: Final Seperation

On this Endless train I think about the past that we had

All the good times hard times and the laughs

And it makes me sad

When I think about all the smiles

All those times we used to go wild

Images pass by these windows just like my memories

Faces of all those people who were true friends to me

My niggaz, my bitches, my crew, and you

Didn’t think I would meet any new people who knew

As I go forth in a new direction

What do I choose with all these intersections

Will you all remember me will my name even get a mention?

Will the path I choose lead to failure or succession?

The rain has passed now the suns out

Let the rays hit your face with no cares and doubts

Even though we will all go different routes

Just remember these times without any hesitation or clout

Now BCA class of 09’ give it one…….last……shout….

Candid shot if us talking to Ralph today as we handed him a care package and food